Dom Ivison

Max Osborne

Co-Founder, Commercial

Co-Founder, Product

Dom spearheads everything commercial be it sales, marketing, branding and relations. Like most people he hates receiving tedious surveys from friends, colleagues and organisations. Similarly, when carrying out his own market research, he was let down by how long it took to get results. He challenged the status quo and decided it was about time surveying was lightning fast, fun and maintained powerful insights. He grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore and graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Business Management.

Max built the platform, plotted the product's roadmap and set the vision for ThisThat Analytics. He ensures ThisThat is your favourite tool to find out what the world thinks so hit him up with any feedback or ideas - in English or German, given he’s bilingual. While you might catch him at a snowboard competition, at heart, Max is a techie and lives for innovation. He holds an M.Sc in Operational Research with Data Science and a First-Class B.Sc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Edinburgh. 

Reza Daneshvar

Full-Stack Mobile Engineer

Reza is a superstar- no matter what time of day Reza is able to solve problems, create amazing functionality and make ThisThat the multi-platform service that it is today. iOS, Android, Web and backend - he can do it all at an amazing level.


Alex Grundy

Non-Exec Director

Alex brings experience to ThisThat. His tried and tested methods are exactly what we need to hit our KPIs. Alex previously worked at Credit Suisse, Thomas Cook, Lloyds and Barclays and is the founder of both Cabritski and Open Kitchens - helping millions of Brits access nutritious food. 

Ehsan Ansari Basir

Head of Technology

Ehsan is a seasoned software engineer, data architect and team leader. He left his previous role as CTO and joined us to drive the tech growth and ensure the technology built provides you the analytics you need.

Qazal Jalilian

Full-Stack Web Developer

English teacher turned full-stack developer who also two Degrees. Together with her husband Reza, a dream team is born. Qazal specialises on progressive web app technology.

Sina Mirhejazi

Front-End Engineer

Sina likes to call himself the ninja of Java Script. He's both creative and ultra-fast in front-end development while being a patient team player. Sina holds a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics.



Get in touch

We're always looking for great people to join our team in some of Europe's most vibrant cities. 




Business Development Associate

Archie Clarke

Archie ensures our clients are happy with our service. He graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Sociology. Catch him if you can at the next London Marathon. 



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