How it works

ThisThat Polls

We maximise engagement with simplicity and a next generation feel. Questions are always presented in a binary This or That format!

Additionally reactions, comment threads,  sharing and saving are all possible too.

Rank Options

Choose between dozens of options with minimal audience fatigue. Respondents compare two at a time back to back and up/down vote on individual options. ThisThat smartly ranks them for you and uncovers some interesting insights for you in the process. 


Create a range of surveys with ease.


Share to any device! No download required!

 Surveys can be shared with your Audience, a Panel and/or our active userbase. 

Fast. On-Demand.

Share your surveys on any social media channel or email via a web link. You'll be amazed at how many responses you get and how quickly! Get your respondents to share with their friends and build a community for repeat engagement.

+ Analyse your surveys in in real-time and in fine detail.


Analyse results in real-time. Compare and filter your questions and answers and uncover insights you wouldn't obtain anywhere else.

Compare & Filter

Create multi-question surveys. Filter and compare results across different questions and answers. You now have the ability to create any demographic you can think of and drill down into some sophisticated analytics. Perfect for unlocking hidden insights.



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