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Intro-act is matches corporate executives with the institutional investors who are most likely to buy or sell their stock in the next 90 days using AI. As part of their offering they provide data discovery technologies to efficiently prepare for all types of corporate-investor access events across a wide span of industries. Using ThisThat Analytics, Intro-act were able to collect thousands of opinions from buyers and potential buyers of cannabis products, in a matter of hours and provide invaluable data for their weekly reports read by over 100,000 investors and industry leaders every week. 


Porsche will be looking to tailor marketing content to specific audiences by first understanding their fans and more importantly the future buyers of their products. Traditional surveying platforms detracted from the fast and fun experience that is social media and results in lower engagement and completion rates. Using ThisThat Porsche can not only obtain critical demographic and psychographic data but also increase the levels of awarenesses with each marketing campaign effort.

As the bunch prepare to launch their new digital property platform, ThisThat provided insights into what aspects of student living were most attractive. The bunch were able to work out that rented flats with bills included were far more popular than those where bills were to be paid for by the tenants. They also validated their concept when finding that viewing properties with VR technology was a justifiable alternative to viewing properties in person especially in light of Covid-19. 

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